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Lipidata Merchandise Rug - Design1

Lipidata Merchandise Rug - Design1

Lipidata Show Rugs


These stunning rugs are custom made for each individual with your name around neckline.


Lipidata official Autumn leaf design in your chosen colour.


Proudly Australian made by Aricon.


  • About our rugs

    Proudly Australian made in QLD

    Our rugs are made from a medium weight fabric which has been specially designed and treated for:  

    • SOIL RELEASE – to prevent staining

    • WICKING -  drawing moisture away from the body

    • RIP RESISTANCE - (however we all know that one horse that can destroy anything!) 
    • MOVEMENT – a small amount of give in the fabric allows it to move with the horse and hang freely to show off the design.


    All rugs have adjustable front buckles and leg straps with heavy weight clips.


    Whilst our rugs are made to the highest possible standard, they are designed as show rugs, not paddock rugs. Excessive rolling and rubbing will, over time, cause damage to the print

  • Care instructions

    Machine washable but no bleach!

    Hang in shade or cool tumble dry.

  • Size guide

    Our rugs are quite snug fitted around shoulders to show off the design best but do have adjustable front buckles.

    You can view our size chart here: 


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